Journalism Without Borders


Guest Speaker:
Suzanne Breen; Sam McBride; Martin Doyle; Deaglán De Breadún
The Role of the Media in Political and Social Debate across the island of Ireland

In this event a panel of journalists, commentators and politicians as well as Susan McKay as keynote speaker will examine the impact of the broadcast and print media, and the role they carry out – or not – in developing awareness and knowledge of the neighbouring jurisdiction on the island.

With the newspapers industry in long term decline, it is increasingly via broadcasting and social media that citizens become aware of the issues and concerns of the people with whom they share the island of Ireland. Speakers include Suzanne Breen; Sam McBride; Martin Doyle, Books Editor Irish Times and author/columnist Deaglán De Breadún.

Attendance is free to members.  Please contact Eimear at to register.