Prof. Paul Bew


Paul Bew, b. Belfast 1950, educated at Campbell College and Cambridge University. He has been Professor of Irish Politics at Queen's University, Belfast since 1991. Parnell Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1995-96, and Burns Visiting Scholar, Boston College, 1999-2000. He has published extensively on Irish history and politics and in particular on the Northern Ireland problem. Books include Ideology and the Irish Question: Ulster Unionism and Irish Nationalism 1912-1916 (1994), Land and the National Question in Ireland 1858-82 (1978), John Redmond (1996), Charles Stewart Parnell (1980), Sean Lemass and the Making of Modern Ireland 1945-66 (co-author, 1982), The Dynamics of Irish Politics (co-author, 1989), Northern Ireland 1921-96: Political Forces and Social Classes (co-author, 1997), Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles 1968-1999 (co-author, 1999), Between War and Peace: the Political Future of Northern Ireland (co-author 1997). He also co-edited Passion and Prejudice: Nationalist/Unionist Conflict in the 1930s and the Origins of the Irish Association (1993), based on letters and papers of the founders of the Association.