International Women’s Day 2022


To mark International Women’s Day 2022 the Irish Association, in partnership with the Mary Ann McCracken Foundation, hosted a hybrid event Mary Ann McCracken & Mary Alice McNeill -Their Lives & Legacies the centrepiece of which was a talk on the two women by Ruth Taillon, Vice-President of the Irish Association.

Both women were each deeply engaged with the social, political and cultural movements of their time. Mary Ann McCracken was an active participant in the United Irish Movement, working for inclusive political reforms for the benefit of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter. Mary Alice (Molly) McNeill was a founding member of the Irish Association, established to promote communication, understanding and co-operation between all the people of Ireland, both north and south.   Their work continues to resonate across Ireland today.


Ruth Taillon: On the motivation on both women



Ruth Taillon: On their shared involvement in the Belfast Charitable Society



Ruth Taillon: On Molly McNeill’s work in the development of the Irish Association



Bob Collins: Former President of the Irish Association on Molly McNeill and the Irish Association